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My name is Tony Lane I will be your instructor with Boston Driving School.

I understand that the current covid-19 restrictions have been lifted for December. However, I do not feel it makes financially effective for me to restart working full-time. As a result, I am only planning to work 3 days a week for now.

I will be working Monday to Wednesday until after Christmas. I will be giving priority on training to those of my students who have tests booked until the end of January. I will be contacting the students involved in the next couple of days.

If I have any extra spaces available I will be messaging my students who had their lessons stopped because of the November covid shutdown.

Because of the number of students I had training before the lockdown. Plus the number of students on hold waiting to pass their theory test. Along with the number of students that left their details with me should I have a vacancy. I am not looking at taking on any new students until almost the end of February.

Should I need more clients I will advertise on my Boston Driving School Facebook page. So please like my page and watch for any adverts.


Please click on this link to read what I will be offering when I can trade again. If you agree to my terms and conditions then send me your details and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I regret I am very busy at the moment so my new enquires are likely to be waiting about a month before I can fit them in.

 I can be contacted on  07971324173

email –

PLEASE NOTE MY CAR IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR JUST DRIVING TESTS Please click here to find out WHY my car is not available for just driving tests


I can help you pass your driving test or improve  your driving

1. Are you a beginner with no or little experience?

2. Have you had previous training are you partly trained or want to start training again

3. Are you looking to change instructors?

4. Have you failed your test and want to try again with another Instructor?

5. Do you want to start training again, after passing your test and have not been driving for a while?

Why not arrange an assessment lesson to see if I can help you?

Ring or Text 07971324173 to get more information

If after your First Meeting or Assessment, you do not like the way I work. You will not need to pay for the lesson

Boston DRiving School Guarantee

On your second lesson with Boston Driving School, I’ll give you access to my online Practical Training Course  [12drive]  For FREE using a Unique Access Code. By the end of the second week

I will send you a Training Plan that you can personalise as you progress in your learning. I will be able to see and discuss how you are doing in your lesson. You will also be able to use my Training Matrix to see how you are progressing. 
Please read my Customer Charter to find out what I offer and expect from my Students
I am not the cheapest but I think I offer the best value for money in my area.

I charge £30 an hour and for students paying for 5 or more lessons I give an extra £1 discount

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Boston Driving School aims to offer the Best Training in the Area 

I will adapt how and what I teach to the individual students. There is no minimum number of lessons or maximum.

Some will need to be explained how the car controls work and start on page 1 of learning.

Others might be partly trained so I will need to assess and develop their own special learning package. 

Some other people are at test standard when they come to me but need coaching. So they can understand what the examiner is looking for on a test.

All I ask is an assessment lesson than before they take the test to have a Mock Test. To show me they understand what is going to happen on the test.

There might also be some people who have passed their driving test a while ago.

Some may have learnt in a European Country and feel they need Refresher Training. I am happy to help them.

Mock Test

I offer Mock Tests along with an explanation as to how the driving test report is about, So you can understand what the examiner is looking for when taking your test. By having a mock test you can see how close to testing standard you are. Then you will know what you might need to work on.

Boston Driving School Videos on how I can help you

My Facebook Page

Refresher Training

How I can help students with Refresher Training

Help for Nervous students

A Special Training Course Built for you to help you deal with your Nerves.


Helping the Partially Trained

I have a number of students who have had to give up for a while. This course after an assessment picks up from where a student has left off

Lack of Confidence

This training course is built around the individual looking at what each individual feels they need

Help after failing a Driving Test

Help for students who have failed a driving test and want extra help

Motorway Training

Extra training for students who are at an appropriate level of training who want a chance to find out how to drive on a Motorway

After The Government’s Social Exclusion Lock Down

I feel that a large number of People will be looking at passing thier driving test as soon as possible. So I’ve relaunched my Practical Training Website. Please visit the website.

The website has a complete set of  basic training notes as laid down by the DVSA. To start with there are notes for each set of subjects needed to be understood to pass your Driving Test. Then there is a set  of notes to help people who have passed test who want extra information like what how to drive safely on Motorways. What you have to look out for when buying a second hand car.

The site allows student to revise information they have covered with thier driving instructor. They can then read information related to lessons they might have covered with their driving Instructor. There are Pictures and Videos to help with learning. Students can Download a Free Copy of the Training Matrix to help them judge how much they have learnt using a “grading method“.

By using this “grading method” on each of the subjects on the first section of the Training Matrix a student can see how well they are learning and see which areas they need to concentrate more study. The Grading method involves deciding on a number between 1 and 10 that represents the level you feel you have achieved for each subject. By looking at the Matrix as a whole a level of learning a student has achieved.

By having a word with your Instructor you can develop your training to cover the areas you are weak in.

By using these notes students can reduce the number of lessons they need with me. Also, students can share the information with family and friends thereby by using private practice reduce the number of lessons required.

By using and Downloading a Free Copy of the Training Matrix students can use it as an Index to allow a them to move between different pages that cover the whole learning syllabus. So students can read about different subjects such as ;- What do they need to think about when dealing with Roundabouts, How to drive on a Motorway, buying a Car or getting Insurance. 

The “12drive” website that has been built to help students  learning to drive to pass thier test and become safer drivers for life

Click on the Picture to find out more

12drive website


I’ve been Learning to drive since I was 17 and over the yrs I’ve had lots of different driving instructor’s but I think Tony is by far the best I’m now 46 and im determined to pass this year
I look forward to my lessons and my confidence is building with each lesson Tony has helped me overcome my fears I know I can do it



Passed first time! Tony has a great way of teaching and would recommend 10/10!


Today my daughter passed her driving test and that is all because of the Boston Driving School. She started to learn to drive with another instructor and by the time Tony stepped in she had lost all of her confidence. As soon as she had her first lesson with him I noticed a major improvement. Charlotte has dyslexia, visual stress and slow processing, but he knew exactly how she needed to be taught. I can not recommend the Boston Driving School highly enough and Tony will be my first choice for my son. Thank you for everything.



I have been able to negotiate a special deal for my students wanting to seek private insurance without using their friends or parents insurance with Marmalade Provisional Car Insurance are offering insurance from £0.64p per day (price correct as of 14th October 2019) to learner drivers who follow the link on the picture on the side.


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