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Driving in Hot Weather

Driving in Hot Weather

Over the last few weeks we have all been experiencing some very hot. It got me thinking about what to do to prepare and safeguard the car in this weather.

Hot temperatures will actually make the pressure in your tyres increase slightly, the changes should be minimal and won’t affect the handling unduly but always make sure your tyre pressures are correct before you leave.

Make sure you have enough oil in your car. Oil not only lubricates your engine but it actually helps to keep it cool.

Check your coolant levels. Coolant is of course vitally important in hot weather because if your engine overheats it can do a lot of damage and may even write it off.

So beware it is worth checking your car every few weeks to see if anything needs topping up.

Driving with a low sun

At certain times of the day and year the sun will be low in the sky and in your eye line this can also be exacerbated by glare off the road. The angle of the sun will usually be too low for your visor to be useful. It is recommended that you wear sunglasses (prescription if worn).

All dark tinted lenses should be removed whenever the sun goes in. Dark lenses must not be worn in duller weather or at night as they seriously reduce the ability to see.

Driving can make you tired

Keep your vehicle well ventilated to avoid drowsiness. Be prepared to pull over and have a drink or stretch your legs. Using the air-conditioning will increase your fuel consumption  so be aware of this when stationary you could increase your fuel consumption by up to 20%

When it starts to rain

Be aware that the road surface may become soft or if it rains after a dry spell it may become slippery. These conditions could affect your steering and braking



Customer Feedback

  Please leave me some Customer Feedback

Here is where I hope  my students will come to let me know what they think about my training & how they feel about lessons.

I want to be able to show everyone what my students think of me as an Instructor and what they have thought about there lessons

Because I am a Qualified Coach, Assessor and Coach my training methods are different from a standard driving instructor. I have found my students need less formal lessons because they can use my Training Notes with Videos to speed up there learning.

I also use a Training Matrix to provide a framework that also helps them develop their driving skills quicker because they can see where their are weaknesses and we can find ways of strengthening them

Customer feedback

Customer feedback

Please click on the panel on the right to see what has been written on the blogs below should be the Comments that my students have  left for me and you to view.

Beware of Roadworks 27th – 29th July

A stretch of the A52 Sleaford Road in Boston will shut from Saturday evening to Monday afternoon.


A series of different roadwork schemes are due to begin on the road at 6pm on Saturday night and should take until 4pm on Monday (July 29) to finish.

As a result the road will close between Lister Way and Brothertoft Road – including the Carlton Road roundabout.

Traffic will be diverted along Fydell Street and Argyle Street.

Highways bosses say several planned works have been grouped together to minimise disruption.

Andy Wharff, Area Highways Manager, said: “Anglian Water and National Grid Gas need this road clear of traffic to complete essential maintenance works.

“The Highways Alliance has taken this opportunity to refresh the lines on the road and repair sections of the footpaths, subject to weather conditions.


Information Taken from

“By carrying out this work in one operation it will prevent us from having to close the road again in the near future.”

How much are your driving lessons?

Photo 5. jpg


Is this the question you ask? So what do you do with the answer?  Ring round and choose the cheapest?

Right?  – Wrong!

Well what else can you do if all you ask is how much are the lessons?  All you are asking is how much are the lessons NOT what Value do you get for your money?

Try asking what else do you get with you’re driving lessons?

So, you decide to go with the instructor charging £100 for 10 lessons that’s £10 an hour wow that’s cheap.  After all, that’s much more than you earn per hour, and it seems a reasonable amount to pay.  Besides, the guy is really busy, teaching from early in the morning to well into the evening, so he can find a time to suit you, weekends included!  You book 2 hrs once a week, on your day off, and excitedly look forward to your first lesson.

However after the first lesson you find he is going to hold back 3 lessons till you are ready to pass your test and the other lessons  are £23 an hour. Ouch! you thought all the lessons were £10 each not £23 an hour. Oh well at least you are saving money.

First couple of lessons go well, then on the 3rd he’s 20 mins late and he failed to let you know!

Following week he cancels as he has a driving test – well that is to be expected from such a busy instructor.

All goes well for the next couple of lessons, but on the next one he fails to turn up!  What is going on? Full of apologies he tells you a sad story so you understand.

Your lessons continue, but he starts shouting at you when you get things wrong!  You just don’t seem to be able to get the hang of what he’s telling you, so after several lessons that nearly have you in tears, you decide to quit.

You do not feel you are learning anything & the lessons are now costing £46 a lesson till the test.

In total you’ve spent £322 on 10 lessons each 2 hours each and you’re now a ‘nervous driver’!  Oh yes you still have those 3 £10 lesson to keep you with him till the test. Plus you spent £93 on your 3 theory tests, and the certificate only lasts for 2 yrs!  The DVD cost £12 so total spent was £427!  Oh dear, it is starting to get expensive and you do not feel you are getting anywhere.

Now you decide to ask around again this time you ask the correct questions – What do I get for my money? What type of reputation do you have ?

So, you decide to go with the instructor charging £20 an hour.  An Instructor with a good reputation for training students to pass the test quickly, but you know from experience and asking your friends you get what you pay for.

First lesson he tells you is an assessment lesson – your instructor will assess your needs, your aptitude, your learning style and your attitude to driving.  You will assess whether or not you feel comfortable with this person and whether or not you like the way they teach you.


At the end of this lesson you feel very comfortable because the instructor really seems to understand you, you just ‘click’.  He asks you for your opinions on how well you think you’ve done! Not only that he shows you what the previous instructor was telling you in a way you understand some students say it was like putting the pieces of a puzzel into place.

He asks you to decide what goals you’d like to set yourself for the next lesson!  He even asked you what goal you’d set for yourself for passing your driving test!  You had a pleasant chat about that and decided around 4 months was reasonable, but that this goal could be re-evaluated regularly.

You decide to continue with this instructor so he offers you a block of 10 hrs for £200 and you accept.

Before the next lesson, your instructor sends you a link to a website, full of information about learning to drive, the theory test and the practical test, full with information & videos with information that goes beyong passing the driving test. That will be  The instructor will also sign you up with a website where you can learn for your theory test, so you don’t need to buy anything, and he can see the questions you have answered so if there is a problem he can discuss the questions with you on your next lesson.  Gosh, all this as part of the lesson fee you pay!  The theory test website will be

Well, the rest of the lessons go really well and, with some help and advice from your instructor, you pass your theory test first time and book your driving test for a month later.  By this time you are having private practice with your Parents or friends, and you can you read the notes or watch these videos your instructor has recommended, as well as learning from the website site your instructor signed you up to.

European FlagYou can even share them with your friends and translate them using Google into your native language if you do not understand English very well. In fact, you soon realise you are learning an awful lot between lessons, not just on the driving lessons themselves!  So this is how you save money on driving lessons!!

And guess what?  You pass your test first time!  Total cost of your driving lessons?  £560 with your theory and driving test fees, the total came to £653.  Spread over 4 months and it comes to £217.67 per month!

And now you have your driving licence for life, and you love driving!  You also understand how to be a safe and responsible driver, whilst making progress at the same time!  In fact your mates say ‘you don’t hang around’!  (But this is the secret you keep to yourself!)  And you can be sure; the effects of these driving lessons will stay with you, and help to keep you safe, for life!

 The Driving lessons are with Boston Driving School cost £20ph (terms and conditions apply)






Dangers of River Swimming

As the heat wave continues local agencies, including Boston Borough Council and Lincolnshire Police have issued the following points in a urge for parents to impress upon their children some of the dangers of river swimming.

1.Most young people who drown are often victims of their own misjudgement regarding their swimming ability and the nature of the water they are swimming in.

2.Drowning is the third most common cause of accidental death among the under 16’s.

3.Children who view the river as a tempting means of cooling off in a hot spell fail to realise the harmful effects that cold water can have on stamina and strength.

4. Objects under the water which may be unseen from the riverbank can entrap swimmers and hold them under the water.

5.Boats regularly manoeuvre in the Grand Sluice and Anton Gowt area. There is a real danger of becoming entangled in the boats’ propellers or even being caught in the wash of the boat and dragged under by the displacement of the water created by the boats’ movement.

6.One of the biggest problems in our area is presented by the lock gates, a regular place that children and adults swim in Boston. The gates operate on an automated system. No warning is given prior to the gates operating. Anyone swimming in this area when this process is commencing will be drawn through the gates and washed down river.

7.Other health hazards are potential such as Ecoli, Weils Disease and even Asthma and Eczema.

Swimming is also prohibited in this area and those that are caught may be liable to a £100 fine.

Enjoy the Sun but please stay safe.

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