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Driving test……PASSED!!!!!!!

Driving test……PASSED!!!!!!!

A HUGE thank you to Tony Lane for having the patience to teach me! He’s a fantastic instructor and I highly recommend him to anyone wishing to learn to drive. He’s a great laugh, too, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of every lesson! I now, also, have a friend for life!

Paprika Hagthorpe's photo.

Paprika Hagthorpe's photo.
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Dipod Webinar no 67

Dipod Webinar no 67

12/1 – Time spent listening to webinar 1 hour


Change in eyesight law check and make comments in 12drive website

Picture of mirrors being set on added to 12drive website

Offer to parents to sit in back on Boston Driving School

Use of mirrors what do you check and why. Discuss on 12drive website

Help with your Theory Test

 I am offering help with your Theory Test

Theory Test Help

I have recently had a student come to me after taking 3 Theory Tests using earphones but had failed asking for help. They are unfortunately one of the many people in the Boston Area who have a below average reading age due to the education system letting them down.

After some investigation I have been told there are a number of like troubled people in Boston who I can help to a point, by using my Theory Test training website. I can see all the questions you are asked and what answers you gave. With this information I can hopefully help you get the answers correct in the future..

However if you are like my student that has problems understanding what the questions are asking I can still help. Please contact me to ask for help I’m only a phone call away.

Here is some free help

Create your own Personal Dictionary Basic Word and means
Personal Dictionary This is for the non English it give a better set of information for People creating a Personal dictionary using a different language

I have arranged for my student to take an extended test so they have more time to consider what the questions. I now can arrange for them to get further Reading Training for Free. I can do this for any student who comes to me with similar problems.

I am a qualified Driving Instructor who has taken his training further I am now a qualified Assessor, Mentor and Coach. I want to be able to help those who have educational training difficulties