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Theory and Practical Test Changes from 7th April 2014

Theory and Practical Test Changes from 7th April 2014

 Theory and Practical Test Changes

As from 7th April 2014 it will no longer be possible to take the Theory or Practical driving test in a language other than English, Welsh or British Sign Language.

Before this date you could have taken the test in any one of 19 different languages.

How, each test must be done in English, Welsh or, if deaf, using the British Sign Language. From 7th April 2014 you will NOT be allowed to take a translator with you.

In 2012 over 60,000 driving test candidates took translators with them. There was a major concern that some translators were actually assisting the candidates and not simply translating the examiner’s instructions. Over 1,000 driving licences have been revoked due to fraud or the candidate receiving assistance from their translator.

There is also growing evidence of fraud. Since 2009, around 1,000 driving licences have been revoked after evidence of fraud was found during the tests.

In August 2013 Allyson Ng, a Chinese translator, was jailed for 12 months by Cardiff Crown Court for telling candidates which answer to pick in the multiple choice section of the test.

The court was told that some Chinese learner drivers did not bother to study the Highway Code because they knew that Ng would feed them the answers.

Officials became suspicious because of the sheer number of Chinese candidates who asked her to translate during the theory test.” (Taken from The Telegraph newspaper)

Nine DSA approved interpreters have also been struck off for their part in such frauds.

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Transport officials believe that other European countries do not routinely allow people to sit driving tests in foreign languages.

It is also though it necessary for drivers to be able to read English, or Welsh, road signs especially where it was necessary to be able to understand written words on a road sign.

Over 70% of people questioned believed it was right for all British driving tests to be conducted in either English or Welsh.

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