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Driving Distractions

Driving Distractions

Concentrate: don’t let others suffer

 Music, mobiles, laughing and joking. All signs of a good time, but in a car these things all increase the risk of having a collision. A big risk to a new driver is the number of friends in their car, the more passengers the bigger the risk. The risk of an inexperienced driver crashing multiply by up to five times when they have two or more passengers in the car. The time they are most likely to have a crash is at the weekend between 10pm and 5am.

Passengers can be driving distractions to all groups of drivers because of movement, noise and general disruption in the car. However young drivers are also affected by peer pressure from their passengers. Chimping is when the passengers spend the journey distracting you, moving around in the car, messing about with the stereo and generally behaving like chimps. The presence of friends in their car can encourage young drivers to take more risks. The collision risk for young drivers increases with each additional passenger carried. A new driver is five times more likely to crash if they have two or more passengers in the car.

Statistically, more girls die as passengers than as drivers, so it’s important for female passengers to speak up if the driver is not driving safely: they might only be speeding to try and impress.

All sorts of driving distractions, not just inside the vehicle, can cause collisions.

Be aware of

  • rubber necking
  • weather, especially when the sun is low in the sky
  • other vehicles
  • other road users

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