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  Please leave me some Customer Feedback

Here is where I hope  my students will come to let me know what they think about my training & how they feel about lessons.

I want to be able to show everyone what my students think of me as an Instructor and what they have thought about there lessons

Because I am a Qualified Coach, Assessor and Coach my training methods are different from a standard driving instructor. I have found my students need less formal lessons because they can use my Training Notes with Videos to speed up there learning.

I also use a Training Matrix to provide a framework that also helps them develop their driving skills quicker because they can see where their are weaknesses and we can find ways of strengthening them

Customer feedback

Customer feedback

Please click on the panel on the right to see what has been written on the blogs below should be the Comments that my students have  left for me and you to view.

13 thoughts on “Customer Feedback

  1. Pilgrim

    A Comment from a passed Client
    The best driving instruktor! Visi kas galvoja pradet mokintis vairuoti ir pergyvena del anglu kalbos, nusiraminkit Tony nuostabus instruktorius, ir isaiskina viska taip gerai kad neimanoma nesuprasti. Sekmes.

    Her name is Sonata Smilgyte email

  2. Pilgrim

    Just come back from another great leaning hour of driving… Tony has explained things to me in a way I have understood… Can’t wait until my lesson next week.

    Posted by Louise Baxter email

  3. Denis Antonov

    Отличный инструктор!!! Всем советую проходить обучение у Тони.

  4. Will Newton

    Had my first ever driving lesson with Tony on Wednesday. With no past experience he made me feel calm and had the patience of a saint! He made things clear to me and showed in depth what I needed to do. Cannot wait for my next lesson.

  5. Sharon

    I’ve just returned from my first lesson with Tony. WOW! He instantly put me “at ease” and I was really confident with him. His method of teaching is better than my previous Instructor BY FAR!!!! Now I REALLY believe I’m going to pass my test! Looking forward to my future lessons with him. Thank you, Tony!

  6. Tony Lane

    Tony’s a SUPERB instructor, who teaches to YOUR needs….not “text book” style. He’s made learning a pleasure and SO SIMPLE for me…….unlike SOME instructors I could mention!

    Paprika Hagthorpe

  7. Morticia

    Loving my lessons with tony he is an amazing driving instructor he believes in everyone and helps you with any problems you may have thanks tony you are a saint to everyone who has choosen you for there instructor

  8. Gita

    It took a long time for me to decide about having driving lessons because I’ve had not that best experience of driving lessons in my life. I was scared from any instructors and from idea that I will ever sit in drivers seat again. Tony has made wonderful job in my lessons. He is studying student to give him/her that best way how to learn things. I had only 30 lessons and I passed my test with first time. That is unbelievable! Thank you one more time for that great time in lessons and you know I’ll try to do my best on roads. 😀

  9. Tony Lane Post author

    Reminder to Self keep your Admin Name Secure

    Just had a Cyber Attack using my Admin User Name and had to change everything 😉

    Thank goodness I had a good security system that saved me from getting hacked now I’ve boosted it even further against any future attack

  10. Tony Lane Post author

    I am looking towards Christmas so I am making a special offer by reducing my prices down a pound to help people with new lessons leading up to Christmas. you could also consider buying a gift voucher as a Christmas Present

    Please can you tell me what you think?


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