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 I am offering help with your Theory Test

Theory Test Help

I have recently had a student come to me after taking 3 Theory Tests using earphones but had failed asking for help. They are unfortunately one of the many people in the Boston Area who have a below average reading age due to the education system letting them down.

After some investigation I have been told there are a number of like troubled people in Boston who I can help to a point, by using my Theory Test training website. I can see all the questions you are asked and what answers you gave. With this information I can hopefully help you get the answers correct in the future..

However if you are like my student that has problems understanding what the questions are asking I can still help. Please contact me to ask for help I’m only a phone call away.

Here is some free help

Create your own Personal Dictionary Basic Word and means
Personal Dictionary This is for the non English it give a better set of information for People creating a Personal dictionary using a different language

I have arranged for my student to take an extended test so they have more time to consider what the questions. I now can arrange for them to get further Reading Training for Free. I can do this for any student who comes to me with similar problems.

I am a qualified Driving Instructor who has taken his training further I am now a qualified Assessor, Mentor and Coach. I want to be able to help those who have educational training difficulties

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