1 pound off lessons

1 pound off lessons for New Learners starting from 14/10/14

As a driving instructor I realise Christmas is expensive so from Tuesday 14/10/14 I am offering 1 pound off lessons up till 14th December. Please follow this link to see what i can offer on my site.

1 pound off lessons
Free Theory Test Training

As usual all my students will be given free access to my theory test training website which can help them pass thier test quickly. As your diving instructor I can see what questions they are being asked and how they replied. You will be able to get the site to read the questions to you which my students find helpful. Especially those suffering for reading problems or those whose first language is not English. The website can also use be set to translate the questions for non English students.

Free Training Notes on Line
Free Training Notes on Line

I also offer free Training Notes to help my students with there driving lessons. My students have a chance to read the notes I show them during thier driving lessons. So my students can pass thier test first time. There is also a training matrix that I use so my students can see to help them follow how well they are doing and give them ideas as to what they might want to talk about or do on thier next lesson.



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