A Good Reference

A Good Reference for Tony who is an amazing instructor. I should know I’ve had 5 and one previous test attempt! He made me feel at ease from the get go. His communication is incredible and reassuring; that booming voice really creates an environment most conducive to learning while making you feel very safe and unjudged. He is helpful with all things car related and remains much more techno-savvy than I could ever hope to be. Thanks, Tony, you’re great… 🙂


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1 thought on “A Good Reference”

  1. Simona Paraschiv

    Many many good stars for Tony ??????? and a very good reference . Why? Because he is the most patience instructor and he make the things logically and after that practically he puts all things together and rolling like a weel. He makes students’ brains work logically. He did this to me! He just added salt and pepper over my knowledges and makes me understand what I did wrong during my lessons and makes sure I will never do it again!
    He’s a friendly instructor with a very calm voice .
    Thanks Tony ! You are an amazing instructor ?

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