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We have one of Bostons Driving Schools leading Instructors.  Offering Lessons, so you pass your Driving Test quickly

Join me in the other pupil’s Success! I am now charging £27 an hour with discounts. I will not increase the lesson cost for my existing students.

Learn to drive the full training course

We Offer Complimentary Theory Test Training & access to my Training Note Website with Videos look below

Gift Vouchers for those wanting to give or receive that special present

We offer a way of learning quickly by using a Training Matrix

Special Help for those who suffer from Driving Test Nerves.

Help with those who were not born in the UK and had trouble understanding English

Help Assessing & Retraining for those over 70 years old

Why use us?

What is going to happen on First LessonLearn to drive with Boston Driving School guarantee Do you want to pass your Driving Test quickly & efficiently?

I can help! I offer You Value for Money. Find out about Boston Driving School

Give me a ring or send a message to book an Assessment  Lesson

You can give your Son/Daughter/Partner a Gift Voucher for Driving Lesson.

It’s better than giving Money, and it’s something which they will appreciate & give them self-independence.

visit http://www.bostondrivingschool.co.uk/cost-of-learning-to-driving-lessons-in-boston/

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 Complementary Theory Test Training

Learn to dive with boston driving schools Theory Test Training

We offer Complimentary theory test training (translatable into any Google Language) If reading English is a problem you can set the site to read the questions & answers for you.

Click on the Logo to find out more. You can train not only for cars but also motorcycles, PCV, LGV & ADI Theory Exams

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12drive Practical Training Notes

Learn to drive with boston driving school using 12drive

We offer the first Training Notes Website dedicated to the Practical test in Lincolnshire. Which is Complementary to my Students. You will be given probably the best training available in Boston to learn in a Manual Car

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Training Matrix

I adapt my training for you in a structured & friendly manner. We will use my Training Matrix to help us both decide what you need to learn. I use a mixture of basic instruction techniques with a combination of Normal Teaching, Coaching & Visual Audio Reading Kinesthetic based training. To help you pass the test as quickly as possible

When I created my You Tube Videos they were designed to show my students with links to help them learn by seeing better

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I also Specialise in Teaching the Nervous 

I have a system that for those who have fears & phobias about the driving test which I have seen work to help them pass their test.

Now I’ve introduced TFT (Thought Field Theory). This is a system of help that comes from the use of the Meridian points used in Acupuncture, but without the needles, you tap the points instead of sticking yourself with pins. I have given a link below to pages explaining and giving links to other websites of driving fellow driving instructors who are practitioners of this art. So you can see more of how this system works.

Have a look at these websites www.advanceddrivercoaching.com or l0faway2pass.com to find out more

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Those who have trouble understanding English.

eu flagI am happy to train any Non-UK Drivers either with help to adapt to driving in the UK or to prepare to pass the UK Test so much time as they have a UK Provisional Licence

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Safe Driving in old Age

boston driving school uses SAGE trainingAs I’m also a qualified fleet instructor. I also offer Private, Independent Driving Assessments & advice for those of a mature age. The over 70 years old need to get a medical assessment on their ability to drive. However, their ability to drive is not questioned

As we get older, our ability to see reduces. That is both in the day & night. A mature drivers ability to drive safely can gradually reduce & its hard for them see the changes. It’s the family that normally see the changes and want to help or to speak to someone for help. I am trained to make value assessments & give a report on what I find; I can help.

Using a Concept called SAGE (Safe driving in old AGE)

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Find out about Boston driving school?

Boston Driving School is Your Local Independent Driving School

Offering You Personal, Patient, and Practical Professional Tuition & Value for Money.

Learning to need not be dull I try to make your lessons interesting. Find out about me

I can show you, tell you or let you read for yourself. How to become a safe driver. It’s up to you, you chose.

See what my students say about me by visiting my Facebook page

About Boston driving school I offer Intensive or Hourly Training Lessons are for a full hour or more, picking you up where you choose and drop off where you decide (within reason), you can bring a friend, but the lessons are for you.


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