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 Restarting Driving Lessons with COVID-19

Boston Driving Test Center reopened 
Before I take on any new Student. Regardless that they might have had lessons with me before, I will require everyone to fill in the form below.
As I want to safeguard myself and my students I am going to take the following precautions. Please remember to wash your hands before starting a lesson. I’ll disinfect all the hard surfaces of the car before and after the lesson and use a disinfection air spray. I will keep the car ventilated by opening a rear window.
As for myself and my student, I will use a facemask and expect my students to wear a facemask. If they do not have a mask I can provide a mask but I will charge £1.


Covid-19 use a mask while learning
Because of the risk of Covid-19, I will not charge for a lesson if you need to cancel a lesson at short notice.
If you comply with the following agreement. I will send you a text the day before your lesson and expect you to send a text on the day of the lesson confirming you are fit to drive.

I will ask you to confirm with the following precautions to help prevent Covid-19

1  If you do not have a temperature
2  If you have a sore throat or cough
3  If to the best of your knowledge, you have not been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 in the last 14 days.
Then please cancel your lesson
All I ask is that you text me before the lesson, no later than an hour. If you do that I will not charge for the lesson. If I turn up on an agreed day and you cancel the lesson I will charge for the lesson.
Here is a link giving Advice regarding Learning to Drive and taking a Test
If you are prepared to abide by these conditions please fill in the details below. When I receive your request I will contact you to arrange your Lesson

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