My Money Back Guarantee

I am so sure that I can offer value for money I am offering YOU this offer. If on your first lesson You are not satisfied with my training. You can tell me in the first hour then you can claim your Money Back Guarantee . The lesson will stop and we can part the best of friends. Should you decide later to come back then you will need to pay for the Forfeited Lesson 

Money back Guarantee

If you haven’t learned anything during an of your driving lesson I’ll give you your money back!

This is my Money back Guarantee Please read the conditions below.

To claim under this guarantee you must meet the following conditions (to protect me against people who want to take advantage!):

  • You must inform me (your driving instructor) before the end of the lesson your reason for not paying. Once you’ve paid and left the car your chance has gone!
  • The money back guarantee only applies to the preceding hour. If you’re taking a lesson longer than an hour then you must complain during the first hour to get a full refund for the lesson. And if you’ve prepaid for a block of lessons the guarantee only applies to the preceding hour, not the entire block of lessons.
  • I reserve the right to terminate an individual lesson or discontinue a course of lessons if I think your complaint is unjustified.
  • Lessons on the day of your practical driving test the money back guarantee is excluded from this guarantee. If you’re still learning things that late then things have gone very wrong!
  • My maximum liability under any, or all, of these guarantees is the price you pay for a 1 hour lesson.

Fixed Price Guarantee

Risk free driving lessons in Boston Lincolnshire

The price you pay when you start learning to drive is the price you’ll pay when you pass!

Whatever my standard hourly rate is at the time of the first lesson you take with me will still be the standard hourly rate I charge you on the day of your practical driving test. The following conditions apply:

  • To keep the guaranteed price you must continue taking regular lessons. If there is a break of more than two calendar months between your lessons with me then you will be charged any new rate. This new rate will then become your guaranteed rate.
  • This money back guarantee only applies to my standard hourly rate. I reserve the right to alter any discounts, offers or other prices as I see fit at any time.