Starter Pack

Welcome to Boston Driving School starter pack.

This information has been put together to help and inform my prospective students prepare for and follow their lessons.Keep Calm learn to drive

On the First Lesson you will need to bring with you your Driving License. I need to see it for insurance purposes. To help you prepare I give you a link to my Training-Matrix

Questions I will ask on first lesson

 1          Do you have any medical conditions that affect your driving?

That is to say do you need to wear glasses?

Are you on any medication that could affect your driving, it can be prescribed by your doctor or bought by yourself?

I will expect that you are honest with me so that you are medically fit to drive at the beginning of every lesson. If for any reason I feel that you are not fit to drive I will cancel that lesson and charge you for my time.

2          Why do you want to learn and do you have a time scale you need to work to?

It helps me to know why you want to learn so I can tailor your training to meet your needs and time scale.

3          Do you have any experience that can help you learn?

If you have no experience at all please tell me before the lesson so I know that I need to take you to a training area away from busy roads.

Those who have some experience please think about what you know and then tell me.

For example have you any experience of riding a bicycle or can you drive a forklift truck or tractor?

Have you been involved in an accident has that might cause you any problems?

4          How do you learn?

It would help me also to know how you learn, do you find it easier to learn by seeing, reading or doing?

Will you find it easier for me to give you Notes, Videos or give you a Demonstration?

Please let me know so again I can adapt my training to help you pass your test so become a safe driver for life as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What to expect on your First Lesson

For those with no experience we will find a quiet place so I can introduce the different things you need to know about the car and how it works. Without the pressure of having traffic around you or distract you.

If you have some experience I will take you to a place, given the information you have told me, so you can show me how much you know. Then once I have been shown and have some idea of how much you know I can then create the rest of your lesson around what you know.

 What to expect on the next lessons

I will ask you to find out what you want on this lesson. We are likely to recap what you did on the last lesson and normally develop from there. However if you have been studying or talking to friends and have some idea of what you want to try that will be excellent. We will then be able to talk about what you want to do and devise a plan of action to do what you want. I try to work from what you know to what you need to learn and understand.

Knowing what to do and what needs to be done

I find that my students learn best if they have a structure to work or learn around. So I have developed a Training Matrix which I have given you a link to a PDF File  for you to download. I ask you to use this Matrix is on the Green Section to give yourself a grade on how you feel out each subject (there are no right or wrong grades. It is not how I feel it is how you feel) The Training matrix acts as a framework it will be you that help me decide what to do on each lesson.

I do not ask any minimum number of lessons, just that you can show me you understand how or what to do under the heading each of the matrix. When we do a mock test you need to show understanding of what the examiner is expecting you to do on the test and can show them what you can do to the standard they expect to see.

If at any time you have a question please ask, that way you are helping me train you in the quickest and most effective way possible.

I look forward to being able to congratulate you on passing your driving test and wishing you many Years of Safe driving as quickly and effectively as possible.


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