Why train for a Level 2 BTEC Award in Demonstrating Safe Driving (Car Driver)

The Level 2 BTEC Award in Demonstrating Safe Driving (Car Driver) shows the holder has taken extra training to demonstrate they understand the idea of Safe Driving for Life.


This Qualification should be seen as a further step to develop a person’s knowledge and experience to help make our Roads Safer. Employers should recognize that holders want to improve their ability to be a Safe Driver for Life. Although the Level 2 BTEC Award in Demonstrating Safe Driving is aimed at learner drivers it can also be used to help experienced drivers further their training and experience to become Safe Drivers.

Adrian-FluxFor learners the qualification is recognized by many insurance companies to be of value. Some are prepared to give up to 15% discount on a driver’s first insurance. Companies such as Adrian Flux is advertising they are offering up to 15% discount for the Level 2 BTEC Award in Demonstrating Safe Driving. To some students this is better that training for the Pass Plus certificate.

I hope that the successful students will look at the Level 2 BTEC Award in Demonstrating Safe Driving as an extra step in their life long development towards Safe Driving for Life. Further training could include joining RoSPA and taking their safe driving award or training with the Institute of advanced Motorists and gaining there award. In both cases insurance companies offer reduced insurance premiums for the training. Of these two I would recommend the RoSPA award because they require continual re-qualification from their members every 3 years. This means that their drivers are continually updating themselves with any changes to the law or changes in car manufacture.

the Level 2 BTEC Award in Demonstrating Safe DrivingAny Driver has launched BTEC Level 2 Award Demonstrate Safe Driving (Car Driver) with huge success, and has a widespread promotional effort in place in schools around the country.

“In today’s climate, getting a job has become more competitive than ever,” he says. “By giving learner drivers an extra qualification the Level 2 BTEC Award in Demonstrating Safe Driving to add to their CV, we have turned our product into one of the most successful on the market in a short space of time.

Considering that one in 8 of all people in the UK leave school without a level 2 qualification or equivalent, Any Driver’s aim was to provide learner drivers not only with a course that led to a driving licence, but also a recognized qualification that would enhance their employment potential. The Level 2 BTEC Award in Demonstrating Safe Driving.

Any Driver was founded by Managing Director Neil Evans in South Wales in 2007, predominantly as a driver training company that provides specialist Continuing Professional Development to the UK’s driving instructors. Since beginning to access the stream of government funding for training in 2008, the company has rapidly expanded its offer and now provides a wide array of training and development options for both driving instructors and learner drivers.

The Level 2 BTEC Award in Demonstrating Safe DrivingThe Level 2 BTEC Award in Demonstrating Safe Driving is broken up into ten different sections which I will now quickly explain.

There are five written assessments and five practical assessments. They are not hard to do when you have the help of a Qualified Driving Instructor who has been trained beyond the normal standards of instruction and holds a further Assessing Qualification and possibly a Mentoring and Coaching Qualification. All the instructors will be qualified to help train qualified drivers who work for companies running fleets of vehicles.

The first two sections of the Level 2 BTEC Award in Demonstrating Safe Driving involve the practical demonstration and understanding of how to do the pre-start checks.

These checks can be for when you are asked to drive a new vehicle or check your own vehicle. With your own vehicle it could be before you are going on a long journey or a periodic check to see everything is OK. So you are aware of any potential dangers. There will also be a written requirement to help you learn and remember the checks.

The Level 2 BTEC Award in Demonstrating Safe Driving second section had again a practical demonstration of how to be considerate and look out for hazards while driving.

Showing you are accessing potential risks that might be occurring while you are driving. The written section has been designed to reinforce these ideas by you writing about how you would assess recognize and deal with these potential problems.

The Level 2 BTEC Award in Demonstrating Safe Driving third two sections deals with the practical side of driving at an appropriate speed for the road conditions and keeping control of the car to reduce wear and tear alongside fuel efficiency and reducing risks of accidents.

The written part helps to identify how different junctions and situations require different types of awareness. Then also comes how to improve fuel consumption and road safety along reducing wear and tear along with the awareness of how to avoid accidents.

The Level 2 BTEC Award in Demonstrating Safe Driving fourth section is aimed at learners helping them understand how to perform their manoeuvres such as Bay parking and Parallel Parking in a safe manner.

The written section helps them identify how to complete the manoeuvres safely.

The last practical component of the course is designed to verify the driver is safe to drive on Motorways. By showing the assessor how safe they are when driving on a Motorway as part of the Level 2 BTEC Award in Demonstrating Safe Driving.

It would be hoped that while training you will have a chance to drive in difficult weather and road conditions. Including night time driving on rural and urban roads. If this is not completed at least you should talk and discuss how this would affect your driving styles.

QCFThe Level 2 BTEC Award in Demonstrating Safe Driving covers all the points that Pass Plus used to cover but goes into the concept of learning deeper by requiring you to write your ideas as well as demonstrating how well you can drive. The written evidence can be printed with a computer for those like myself that find writing with a pen difficult This qualification is worth 13 QCF Points

Are you approaching your driving test then a Any Driver Instructor can enrol you onto this valuable BTEC qualification The Level 2 BTEC Award in Demonstrating Safe Driving

The course includes independant driving on varied types of roads, including motorways – so you’ll need to complete this part after you’ve passed your test, exercises involving vehicle safety and a workbook to confirm your understanding.

Not only will you gain a Level 2 BTEC Award in Demonstrating Safe Driving qualification but the Insurance Companies we work with will guarantee you a 15% discount off your insurance – what more could you ask for!! Follow this link 

BTEC Level 2 Award: Demonstrate Safe Driving.
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Look out for my blog about the blog about BTEC level 1 for 14 – 18 year olds promoting road safety

Written by Tony Lane bostondrivingschool@gmail.com


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