Training Matrix

Training Notes & Driving Information Matrix

Here is a list of the subjects I try to cover while I’m teaching you to learn to drive. We might not have time to talk about all of them but you can read & ask questions this Training Matrix generates. May I wish you many years of safe driving having passed with me?

Marking Scale    Training matrix PDF File
1  –  I do not know what to do I need to be told / shown 10 – I feel confident I can do this without help or guidance  Click picture to go to my Training Note Website
Basic Car / Driving Knowledge Useful Knowledge from the Highway Code
Cockpit Checks & Vehicle Controls Documents for the Car
Controlling the Car Other Road Users
Car Instruments & Warning Lights Driving in Different weather Conditions including Floods
Moving off & Stopping Driving on Dual Carriageways  & Motorways
Use of Mirrors Dealing with Emergency Vehicles  
Vehicle Checks New Drivers Act & Code
Junctions Penalties
Turning into a Side Road Turning Left Planning A Journey
Turning into a Side Road Turning Right Accidents how to deal with them & what to do  
T Junctions Turning Left Actual Route Planning.  Traffic Calming & Tidal Flow  Dealing with Tunnels
T Junctions Turning Right Appropriate mode of Transport
Crossroads Turning Left Are you fit to drive?  Are you Tired?
Crossroads Going straight on Basic Faults
Crossroads Turning Right Breakdowns what to do & not do  
Roundabouts Turning Left Carrying Loads – passengers, animals, goods
Roundabouts Going straight on Driver Distractions
Roundabouts Turning Right First Aid on the Road
Driving on the Road Is the Car Roadworthy?
Meeting Difference between Rural & City Driving
Adequate distances / 2 second Rule Safe Driving &  Tailgating
Speed Limit / Stopping Distances Some Ideas that may lead to Dangerous Driving
Emergence Stop / Skidding & Coasting   Useful information for after the Test
Dealing with Corners   Avoiding Congestion
Planning  Assessment – eye mapping – bends -safe space   Buying a Car
Parking   Car crash scam
Traffic Lights /  Pedestrian Crossing / Railway Crossings   Cost of Running a car
Road Signs & Markings   Dangers of using a Mobile Phones
Overtaking   Dealing with being Old (Sage Training) or Disabled
Eco Driving Driving Alone for the first time
Manoeuvres Driving an Automatic
Left Reverse   Driving in Europe
Parking in a Bay Environmental issues related to driving a car
Parallel Parking History of the Driving Test
Turn in the Road Insurance
Independent  Driving Learning with families & Friends
Practiced Mobility Scooter
Mock Test Non UK Drivers European & Non European
How is the Test Marked? Other Tests & becoming a Driving Instructor
Mock Test Results P Plates
Police Stop procedure VOSPA
Compensation Cancelled test Risk Assessment  concerns for Companies
Rules regarding the use of Tinted Windows
Security, Car Parks, Home on the Road
Towing & weight distribution
Tyres & Changing Tyres

Customer Charter

  • I aim to offer the best possible instruction I can.
  • I agree to abide by the code of practice as laid down by the Driving Standards Agency.
  • I will aim to provide a clean road-worthy vehicle for your lessons and test weather permitting.
  • The lessons will be door-to-door and last for at least one full hour.
  • I do not smoke. I am only allow customers to smoke while they are not driving this will mean they have to leave my car to smoke so I can comply with the current legislations.
  • Lessons are available between 9.00am and 8.00pm Monday to Saturday.
  • Intensive practical training can be available with a test at the end.  Depending on the client having completed the theory test before taking the practical test. –

An assessment lesson will be required to determine how many hours are needed and training can be offered depending on being able to find mutually agreeable times within the limits required. Also having taken a Mock Test to prove their readiness for the Practical test & I Agree the student is ready for the test.

All Students taking a Practical Test will need to prove to me their ability to pass the test by taking a Mock Test & passing a Mock Test with me as the examiner.

  • I reserve the right to withhold my car for the test if after the Test has been Booked if I feel in my Professional Opinion the Client is not ready for the Test.  I will agree to give at least 7 Days notice so a customer can rebook or move their test.

This what a client can expect from me.

This is what I expect from a Client.

  • That they agree to give me 24 hours notice of cancellations or they pay for a lesson.
  • That they agree to be fit to drive when I pick them up from the arranged place and time.  If not then the lesson will be cancelled and they will have to pay for the lesson.
  • Should there be a dispute that we cannot agree on then we will use the Driving Instructors Association as Arbitrator



I  Name ……………………………………..

Have read this Customer Charter above & Agree to abide by these Conditions





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