Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are available so long as they are paid for in advance.

You can give gift vouchers for Birthdays, Christmas or Easter Presents

gift voucher

Rather than giving money for a present give something more worthwhile a chance for your friends or family to get mobile & find a better Job.

Give a Gift Voucher

Give me a ring or send a message or a text to find out more

The idea of giving a Gift Voucher is not new but sometimes it is hard to think what to give a 17 plus person. I think a Gift Voucher is something tangible to give in a card with a voucher in it.

They have something tangible for something they could find useful and give them a life skill  for the future.

Remember I offer Free theory test training, free training notes & videos. My training is built around how a client learns so they will pass the test more quickly than using traditional training methods


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