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My Name is Tony Lane, Driving Instructor for Boston Driving School


Welcome to the Boston Driving School Website. Currently, after a very strange couple of years. From not being able to work because of Covid to being swamped with work.
It is with great pleasure I can now open  my waiting list. Please Visit my Waiting list by clicking this link.

What makes Boston Driving School different?

Not only am I a qualified driving instructor of over 28 years. I am a Qualified Assessor, Coach and Mentor.
My training follows a holistic approach. We will create lessons for you around what I feel you need and what you ask to be taught. I keep notes regarding what I have taught, and we have discussed to be looked at for future lessons.

Online Theory Training

I offer FREE Online Theory Test to my students to help them practice for the test. It also allows me to see how my students have marked their questions and discuss any problems.

12drive Website

My students have access to my FREE Online Practical Training Notes from my website 12drive. Which helps students develop in many ways depending on whatever level of training they find suit them. The website has copies of the Training Notes and Pictures I would have shown the students during a lesson. Along with YouTube videos to help students remember, reflect on a past lesson and prepare future lessons.

As there is a new version of the Highway Code I have updated the website. 

Training Matrix

Working alongside the website, I have built a Training Matrix that works on many levels. It gives links for various topics I feel might need to be looked at before the driving test.

You can download the Matrix to help grade yourself to see how well they are doing with the training. I can offer paperwork that can be used by my students to help them revise, reflect and plan for their lessons.

You can reduce the number of lessons you need to become test ready.

By using different learning methods, such as revising what they have learnt or by planning ahead for a lesson.  Students can reduce the number of lessons they will need to pass their tests. I have been told by my students they have reduced the number of lessons needed by 3 or more lessons. All that is needed is a little time for students to help themselves become a Safe Driver for Life.

Should I need more clients, I will advertise on my Boston Driving School Facebook page.

If you agree to my terms and conditions, then send me your details, and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I regret I am swamped now, so my new enquiries are likely to be waiting for about a month before I can fit them in.

 I can be contacted on 07971324173

email –



I can help you pass your driving test or improve your driving.
1. Are you a beginner with little experience?
2. Have you had previous training? Are you partly trained or want to start training again
3. Are you looking to change instructors?
4. Have you failed your test and want to try again with another Instructor?
5. Do you want to start training again after passing your test and not driving for a while?
Why not arrange an assessment lesson to see if I can help you?

Ring or Text 07971324173 to get more information

If after your First Meeting or Assessment with Boston Driving School. You do not like the way I work. You will not have to pay for that lesson

Boston DRiving School Guarantee

Customer Charter

What a client can expect from me. 

  • I aim to offer the best possible instruction I can.
  • I agree to abide by the code of practice as laid down by the Driving Standards Agency.
  • As an experienced driving instructor I will aim to provide a clean road-worthy vehicle for your lessons and test weather permitting.
  • The lessons will be door-to-door and last for at least one full hour. 
  • I do not smoke. I can only allow customers to smoke while they are not driving. This will mean they have to leave my car to smoke so I can comply with the current legislation.
  • Lessons are available between 9.00 am and 8.00 pm Monday to Saturday.
  • Intensive practical training can be available with a test at the end. 

  • Depending on the client has completed the theory test before taking the practical test. –

    1. An assessment lesson will be required to determine how many hours are needed and training can be offered. Depending on being able to find mutually agreeable times within the limits required.
    2. Also having taken a Mock Test to prove their readiness for the Practical test.
    3. I Agree the student is ready for the test.
  • All Students taking a Practical Test will need to prove to me their ability to pass the test by taking a Mock Test & passing a Mock Test with me as the examiner.
  • I reserve the right to withhold my car for the test if after the Test has been Booked. If I feel in my Professional Opinion the Client is not ready for the Test. I will agree to give at least 7 days’ notice so a customer can rebook or move their test.

This is what I expect from a Client.

  1. That they agree to give me 24 hours notice of cancellations or they pay for a lesson.
  2. That they agree to be fit to drive when I pick them up from the arranged place and time.  If not, then the lesson will be cancelled, and they will have to pay for the lesson.
  3. Should there be a dispute that we cannot agree on then we will use the Driving Instructors Association as Arbitrator.
I am not the cheapest, but I think I offer the best value for money in my area.
I charge £35 an hour
I regret at the moment I am not able to offer discounts for block bookings because of the spiralling cost of petrol

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Boston Driving School Videos on how I can help you

Refresher Training

How I can help students with Refresher Training

Help for Nervous students

A Special Training Course Built for you to help you deal with your Nerves.

Helping the Partially Trained

I have a number of students who have had to give up for a while. This course after an assessment picks up from where a student has left off

Help after failing a Driving Test

Help for students who have failed a driving test and want extra help

Motorway Training

Extra training for students who are at an appropriate level of training who want a chance to find out how to drive on a Motorway

Teaching Non English

I give extra help to those whose first language is not english. If Necessary I can work with an Interpreter. but the test will have to be in English



I have been able to negotiate a special deal for my students wanting to seek private insurance without using their friends or parents insurance with Marmalade Provisional Car Insurance are offering insurance from £1.23p per day

To learner drivers who follow the link on the picture on the side.


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