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Beginners Course, Part Trained Course, Driving Test Rescue Course, Confidence Building Course I can help

Do you want a Better Job or a Better LifePassing your Driving Test could Help!

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After your first assessment, I will prepare a personalised training program built around what you want  and need to pass your driving test quickly and become a Safe Driver for Life

Boston Driving School aims to offer the best training available and is built around you

My Basic Training includes all the following training FREE on-line Theory Test Training and Practical Training Notes.

My Students will be able to see the Notes I showed them during their Lesson. plus videos and a lot more the website covers the full DVSA Syllabus laid down to help people become a Safe Driver for Life.

I Offer, Beginners Courses, Part Trained Courses, Driving Test Rescue Courses, Confidence Building Course

I am now offering everyone the opportunity to drive on a Motorway. Because of the change in the law, it is now allowed for Learners to drive on the Motorway if accompanied by a qualified driving instructor. With a car that has dual Controls. This will require at least a 3-hour driving lesson, however, it will be my final decision as to who I take. If they are not my students I will require at least a 1-hour assessment lesson before booking a Motorway lesson

As a Qualified Assessor, Mentor and Coach, I will build your lesson around what you want and need to become a Safe Driver for Life

I currently have a 1-month waiting list. Please send me a message via my Enquiry page so I can contact you  when I have room

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Driving School Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee

As a driving instructor, I’m that confident I can you offer value for money. I will make you this offer.

If in your first driving lesson you are not satisfied with my training then tell me when we finish and there will be no charge 

To find out more so please visit my Satisfaction Guaranteed page

Boston Driving School Fast Track Training
Fast Track Training

Boston Driving School is able to offer Fast Track training for those students with some driving experience but has not yet passed their driving test. Maybe you have failed a test with someone else or maybe you have had driving experience before such as driving abroad or riding a motorcycle.
Because of this, you do not want to start from the beginning.

You will  want to have the training to pass the test as quickly as possible built around your needs

I am happy to help. Either by teaching you or training you in whichever method of training best suits you.

Call  me at 07971324173 

It does not matter if you are Nervous (As a driving instructor  I do not shout or get upset when you make mistakes. I might need to raise my voice to alert you to actual dangers you might not be dealing with) I can help Build your Confidence

It does not matter if you have problems understanding English in your driving lessons (I can Help). In extreme cases, you can provide an interpreter so we can talk together.

All my valued students will be given Free Access to my online Boston Driving School Theory Test Training and Online Practical Training Notes

I am not the cheapest but I think I offer the best value for money in my area.   

You will not find better value for money. You can Save Money by Reducing the Number of Driving Lessons you will need. By using my 12drive website.

Using the Training Notes It can help you fill any holes that might have caused you to fail your driving test. I can offer you a Mock test along with an explanation what the driving test report form is of about. So you can understand what the examiner is looking for when taking your test.

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