About Me

About Me


About me. My name is Tony Lane I am a God Fearing (Christian) married man with five children. So I do not work on Sunday as it is time for my family. I was born in Croydon Surrey in 1955.

My Training

I completed my Training as a driving instructor in 1994. During my time as a driving instructor, I have worked as a Driving Instructor at Boston, Grantham, Lincoln, Louth, Peterborough, Skegness and Spalding Test Centres

I am a Qualified Fleet Trained Instructor. A QCF Level 3 Assessor in Customer Care, Coaching & Mentoring. Also have a  QCF Level 3 in Work Skills which also include QCF Level 3 in Presentation for Work, Giving &  Receiving Feedback

About me as a FULL-TIME Instructor working in and around Boston. I aim to offer more than just passing your driving test while I work between 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Saturday.

About me and what I Offer

You will find I do not shout; I can use Basic Teaching, Coaching, and VARK & NLP Training Methods to help my students learn in a quick & efficient manner. I am happy to teach those students who have any learning difficulties such as ADD, ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia or Dyspraxia (I might need to refer to the doctor to check on medication where it is being used).

Particular those who have difficulty reading, I understand Dyslexia only too well as I suffer from this condition myself.

I am sorry I only teach in English but am happy to teach students using an Interpreter.

If you need or want to learn to drive in your car I can help, so long as you can prove to me you are a skilled driver. In your car that you use must meet the standards as set by the DSA for the Test.

I am sorry I will only put people in for the Practical Driving Test once they have proved they know what is required for the Test. By taking a Mock Test with me.

I abide by the DIA Code of Conduct

I have a Customer Charter click here to see what it’s all about


I have heard the comments you only get what you pay for?
Should you pay more to get less?
I have set my prices at what I can consider being a fair price for what I offer.
I’m the only Instructor offering all the following information Free using the internet

  • Free Theory Test Training, designed to help you pass your theory test as quickly as possible. Plus I can view your answers so I can help you where you do not know what you did wrong.
  • Free Copies of the Highway Code in English Polish or Russian and Free copies of Know your road signs You can visit my enquiry page to find out more.
  • Free Training Notes again designed to help you prepare & pass your driving test as soon as possible
  • A link to YouTube Videos which have been filmed in Boston. You can see how the Junctions can be approached in Boston

I have now created help for those who use Android Phones or Tablets Visit http://www.bostondrivingschool.co.uk/help-theory-test/ to know what I’m looking at doing

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