Customer Charter


This customer charter is what a client can expect from me.


  1. I aim to offer the best possible instruction I can.
  2. I agree to abide by the code of practice as laid down by the Driving Standards Agency.
  3. I will aim to provide a clean road-worthy vehicle for your lessons and test weather permitting.
  4. The lessons will be door-to-door or from an agreed pick up point and last for at least one full hour.
  5. I do not smoke. I only allow customers to smoke while they are not driving this will mean they have to leave my car to smoke so I can comply with the current legislation’s.
  6. Lessons are available between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm Monday to Saturday
  7. Intensive practical training can be available with a test at the end. Depending on the client having completed the theory test before taking the practical test and having an Assessment lesson to find out how many lessons you will need.
  8. All tests must be booked using my ADI Number so that it is fair to all my students and reduces the risk of double booking of a Test
  9. I reserve the right to withhold my car for the test if after the Test has been Booked & I feel in my Professional Opinion the Client is not ready for the Test.
  10. I will expect payment before or at the time of a driving lesson i can not afford to give lessons without payment. I would like to be payed in cash but will accept pre-payment using Paypal.
  11. Payment using Paypal should be made to the email only after the payment has been agreed by myself.
  12. On very special occasions I might allow payment for a lesson to be delayed for a week but will not accept more that 2 lessons to be given without payment.
  13. Any refunds will be given using the following method. All lessons taken will be calculated at the current basic price at the time of the refund no discount will be allowed. There will be an administration charge made of 2 hours lesson fees at the time of the cancellation to cover any additional expenses that I may incur.

An assessment lesson will be required to determine how many hours are needed and training can be offered depending on being able to find mutually agreeable times within the limits required.They will need to take a Mock Test to prove their readiness for the Practical test.

I Agree the student is ready for the test.

This is what I expect from a Client.

  1. I expect students to have at least a provisional license.
  2. That they agree to give me 24 hours notice of cancellations or they pay for a lesson.
  3. That they agree to be fit to drive when I pick them up from the arranged place and time. If not then the lesson will be cancelled and they will have to pay for the lesson.
  4. In the event of repayment of Prepaid lessons being needed to be paid I will charge
    1. any lessons given will be charged at the basic rate not the discounted rate.
    2. If a student has not booked any lessons for 6 months there will be an administration charge depending on circumstances of why student has not had lessons
  5. If there medical condition  or other changes then they must inform me at their earliest convenience. Should there be a dispute that we cannot agree on then we will use the Driving Instructors Association Code of Conduct