Practical Driving Test Training Note Syllabus 

Basic Car Knowledge

Car Instruments – Cockpit Checks – Controlling the Car – Moving off and Stopping – Hill starts – Use of Mirrors


Turning into a Side Road – Emerging from T Junctions – Crossroads – Roundabouts

Driving on the road

Adequate distances, speed limits, stopping distances – Dealing with Corners – Dealing with Emergency Vehicles -Eco Driving – Emergency stop – Hill Starts and moving Off Quickly- Parking at the side of the road – Planning and assessment – Road signs and Markings – Traffic Light, Pedestrian Crossings, and Railway and Crossings


Parallel Parking – Reverse Parking on the Right of the Road – Bay Parking Forward – Bay Parking Reverse

Independent Driving 


Driving Test

Vehicle Checks – Driving Test Explained – Mock Test – Compensation for Cancelled Driving Test

Practical Driving Syllabus

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