Automatic Driving Instructors

Here is a list of the Local Automatic Driving Instructors working in Boston

As a Part time Website Designer I have made sure my website is found on Page 1 of Google for Driving Schools, Driving Instructors and Learning to drive in Boston. As a result I am constantly being ask do I teach in an Automatic Car. So i created this page

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Here is a list of the Instructors who have Automatic Driving School I hope you find it Useful 

Jane came to Boston in August 2019 and has been an automatic driving instructor for a number of Years. Her Husband Chris is training to be a Disabled Driving Instructor 

Edd has been an Automatic driving Instructor for over 10 Years he is based in Coningsby and is happy to come to Boston to Teach however he will expect a 2-hour lesson to cover his costs of travelling

Automatic First Choice

Steve and his wife have been Instructors for over 20 Years. They have just developed to offer Automatic Training in the Last 5 Years. They also work with the Lincolnshire Road safety partnership offering retaining for drives who have been stopped for Speeding, Drink Driving and Using a Mobile Phone while driving offences 

Chariot School of Motoring

My Colleague has been training for the last 10 years. He teaches both Manual and Automatic Lessons

Alpha Driving School

Jim has been trading over 10 years and is a manual and automatic driving instructor. He has a similar reputation as I have for dealing with students with learning problems. Also is a qualified Fleet Instructor.


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