Fast track Coaching

My Fast track Coaching is designed to help those with driving experience but have not passed the practical test yet

This course is open to those students who have passed there theory test and feel / know they can drive.

They will need to have an assessment lesson of between 1-2 hours to show me what they know about driving. Then take a mock test with me acting as an examiner. Depending on the result we will then discuss how many hours you will need before taking the practical test

Fast Track Coaching

I will not accept any driving test date without the student taking a mock test with me first. I realise students may feel they are ready for the test but I need to be shown by them how good a driver they actually are.

After an assessment & or mock test I will coach my student to test standard as quickly as I can. Using whichever coaching methods that suit each individual students. I am not to interested in how many lessons you have but I want you to be a safe driver. I do not set a minimum number of lessons again safety is my main concern. Once we have agreed a number of lessons as this is a fast Track course I will expect the student to keep to the contract. They will be able able to give me notice of missing as agreed lesson with 24 hours notice but I will expect student to make up the missed lesson or pay for it.

After the first session the student will be given access to my 12drive website which gives information and YouTube videos about preparing for the driving test & beyond. My students will still have access to this site for over 6 months of passing their test. Please register on to see what I am offering you.

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